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The city of Puyo was founded on May 12, 1899 under the name of Our Lady of Pompeii by the Dominican friar Alvaro Balladares, who was on an evangelical mission for eastern Ecuador.

It is situated 953 m above sea level, a northwestern province, one of the most beautiful parts of the Ecuadorian Oriente. In Quichua, Puyo means cloudy and acquired this name because of the place of its foundation was always cloudy with a persistent rain.

Puyo is known as a commercial. The landscape and natural beauty of the charms of the city, provide the best options to visitors and scientists who wish to discover the lush vegetation, fauna, immense rivers, waterfalls and other fascinating places in the province of Pastaza.

The Puyo has become the tourist city of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The main river that runs is named, Pastaza, where the river navigable to its mouth on the Amazon River.

The Puyo is a modern city with a capacity of more than 2,000 hotel rooms. Its attractions can be distributed in three tourist corridors: Puyo – Baños, Puyo – Macas and Puyo – Tena, with endless natural beaches and crystal clear rivers and hidden waterfalls in the lush jungle.

The city of Puyo existing grassland has lead to the development of livestock, the quality of their cattle is excellent and has won awards at livestock fairs.

The city of Puyo, Pastaza Province and has a natural vocation for tourism development due to various natural and cultural attractions it has, besides its proximity to the mountains of Ecuador.

In Puyo can hike, which can be played with long vines to go from one place to another, or taravitas cross suspension bridges, and smell the aroma of the typical dense vegetation, all in the Puyo River chuc, a walk controlled by the municipality and safely.


Ethno-Archaeological Museum

Ethno-Archaeological Museum is located in the center of the city of Puyo, in the building of the Youth House of the Municipal Government of the Canton Pastaza. This museum presents the history and culture of the inhabitants of the city of Puyo. Preserving archaeological samples Tupi Guarani culture that entered the Amazon to reach the Pastaza. Here you can learn more about the archeology of the ancestors and the indigenous nationalities Amazon region.

Data of interest

  • City:Puyo
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:9 de Octubre and Atahualpa
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 10:00 to 16:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free

Real Park of exotic birds

The Real Park of Exotic Bird is a place dedicated to the care of endemic species, many endangered. Located 1 kilometer route Puyo – Macas, here you can see the reproduction of several species of birds, most of them are from other continents and are in captivity, as are birds or poultry farm. The Royal Park is considered one of the main attractions of the city of Puyo.

Data of interest

  • City:Puyo
  • Sector:South
  • Address:1 km via Puyo
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 08:00 to 17:00
  • Cost of revenue:1 USD


Botanical Gardens Las Orquideas

The Botanical Gardens Las Orquideas is located in the area of Los Angeles, 15 km from the city of Puyo, in the province of Pastaza. Since 1980 began its work, including the collection of specimens characteristic of the region, identifying himself as a space called “The Botanical Garden Orchid.” It is a unique place, which happens to be the clear demonstration that restoring the rainforest after this have been exploited and destroyed is very possible. This garden, meeting in its facilities orchids and trees representing the region, arranged in sections according to their application and usefulness.

Data of interest

  • City:Puyo
  • Sector:South
  • Address:Los Angeles-via Union Base
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:5 USD


Zoocriadero of Fatima

The Zoocriadero of Fatima is an animal rescue center on 28 acres, located 8 kilometers Puyo-Tena road. Research is a property of the Organization of Indigenous Peoples of Pastaza (OPIP), to rescue, to domesticate and breed wild animals of different species. Here you can see capybaras, caimans, monkeys, macaws, tapirs and other animals. Besides being one of the attractions of the city of Puyo, the main objectives of this center are: research, training and environmental education.

Data of interest

  • City:Puyo
  • Sector:South
  • Address:8 kilometre in the via Puyo-Tena
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD

Paseo de los Monos

At Paseo de los Monos you can see a variety of rescued animals, including six kinds of monkeys, turtles and birds. Some animals are caged, while others run free. For an extra $2, guides lead four-hour walks into the surrounding jungle to see more of the center’s animals.

Data of interest

  • City Puyo
  • Sector:South
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 8am-5pm
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD
 Telephone : +593 9 474 0070



Parque Omaere

Less than 1km north of the city center, this ethno-botanical park offers one- to two-hour guided tours (free with admission) of rainforest plants and indigenous dwellings, by mostly indigenous guides. The park is run by Shuar plant expert Teresa Shiki and her biologist husband, Chris Canaday, a font of knowledge about everything from jungle plants to ecological dry toilets. Teresa helped found and plant the park and prepares natural medicine.

Get here by following Loja north of town for about 300m until you reach a gas station on the left. Turn right and follow the road right to arrive at the park entrance, across a footbridge over the river and passed the El Jardín hotel. To return, a beautiful trail (called the paseo turístico ) continues past Omaere for 1.7km along the river to the Puyo–Tena road, where you can flag down a bus back to town every 20 minutes, or return along the trail.

Data of interest

City Puyo

Sector: Center
Schedule of attention: 9am-5pm Tue-Sun
Cost of revenue: child/adult $1.50/3
website : 

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