Canelos Parish is the oldest of eastern Ecuador. It was founded around 1560 where the first Catholic mission has been implanted. Canelos is therefore the oldest Kichwa community of the province of Pastaza, located southeast of the city of Puyo. The name Canelos comes from the abundance of cinnamon trees, the same as for the period of conquest were exploited to bring the courts of Europe.

The crafts of the people of Canelos

The traditional pottery is part of the Kichwa tradition and is maintained by the village women’s. They make beautiful mocahuas, everyday dishes, and variety of pots and figurines.

Holiday Dates

In parrish festivities in November there are different activities such as canoe races, traditional games, etc.. Canelos also celebrated “holiday of abundance” in the month of December, starting the hunt of wild animals in the first week of the month. Canelos is a unique place where the Catholic religion is mixed with the Kichwa customs.

Temperatures and Altitude

Temperatures in Canelos are around 28c during the day and around 19c during the night, the altitude is 475 m.s.l.


Map of Canelos and point of interest